**Seaweed Saturdays are a free dive into a new kind of virtual seaweed adventure.

Every Saturday we unlock the secrets of seaweed forests, discovering the myriad ways we already use seaweed, conversing with coastal communities and delving into some delicious seaweed recipes. All with a focus on seaweed in India.**

⁉Why Seaweed? Why Not.

In India, two states%20coastline%20alone.) dominate large-scale seaweed production, and the government’s policies are likely to stimulate production further across various states. As seaweed garners growing importance, we wish to hold a conversation that provides an understanding of what the seaweed space currently looks like in India, and how it can engage audiences in safe production and responsible consumption of seaweed without adversely affecting biodiversity and the ecosystem.

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We've started by asking questions. And in the Miro Board above are just a few of them to help us as we navigate on this journey to understand what it means to build a seaweed value chain that puts communities and the environment at the centre.

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